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Entries from August 2013

Gathering with the Father Eye Symbol in New Carlisle

August 28th, 2013

The Father Eye is a ancient symbol which can found on the facades of cathedrals and churches all over Europe such as Aachen Cathedral in Germany, the Santiago Cathedral, or St Vitus Cathedral in Czech Republic.  The symbol is also on display in every Schoenstatt Shrine around the world.  The Father Eye symbolizes how nothing happens in our life without God seeing it, God’s omnipresence, God’s providential care.  In the Gospel of Matthew it speaks of two sparrows being sold for a penny and yet not one of them fall to the ground without God knowing about it.

The Father Eye depicted here is on a world-wide pilgrimage in preparation for the 100th anniversary of  Schoenstatt’s founding in 2014.  This Father Eye symbol will be placed in the Original Shrine after having traveled to 33 countries since 2009.

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